do you like Harry’s Law?

do you like Harry’s Law?

Harry’s Law revolves around Harriet Korn, a recently-fired patent lawyer, and her group of associates as they come together to form a unique law practice in a rundown shoe store in Cincinnati.




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3 responses to “do you like Harry’s Law?

  1. Kim

    This was one of the best shows I have seen, I love Kathy Bates. The sarcasm, the quick wit is great, again great script from David Kelly. The cast is a good mesh of characters also.

  2. Gail

    We were so excited to watch the first show because we love Kathy Bates. The show was going along so well and then the writer had to make it political. Why can’t you simply write a good show without trying to make some comments that you know is going to anger some of the viewers. I am sorry but we won’t watch the show again. The same thing happened with the Good Wife which we don’t really watch anymore. Cut out the political dialogue and just write a good show.

  3. m. hoffman

    I began watching Harry’s Law anticipating a fun show with the great Kathy Bates in the starring role, but half way through the show I regretted watching the show. The degrading digs against Rush Limbaugh really annoyed me along with the usual attacks on the Conservative Party and the usual liberal rant about legalizing drugs of all types. I liked the kid accused in the story line, but was disgusted with the liberal rant. Cheap shots at Rush convinced me never to watch the show again. NBC has pulled cheap shots at other conservatives with their Law and Order shows and I am really sick of it. No more NBC or Harry’s Law.

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